Big Lake Brewing


About Big Lake Brewing


Big Lake Brewing started as the brainchild of three engineers living in Holland, Michigan. Founders Travis Prueter and Nicholas Winsemius had fifteen years of brewing experience between them before they joined forces with each other and Gregory MacKeller, whose specialty in wine and mead production gives Big Lake an additional facet to its business. All three partners are committed to using the best ingredients possible to produce the best brews.

While Big Lake appreciates the craft behind brewing exotic flavor combinations, we are committed—in the spirit of engineers—to perfecting the recipes and production of high-caliber, traditional brews: dark and proud porters, calculated wheat ales, and IPAs extracted from the best hops. And for lovers of the vine, Big Lake creates fruit-infused wines with character.

Big Lake’s taproom does not contain a kitchen, but patrons are encouraged to bring in food from nearby vendors and enjoy the casual atmosphere.  We are located on the north side of Holland at 977 Butternut Drive #4, just a short drive from the Lake Michigan waters of our namesake.



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